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Site/Browser Problem?

Due to constantly changing operating system, browser, anti-virus, and firewall software, conflicts are not uncommon. New virus threats will guarantee more complex software with more conflicts.

If you encounter a problem with our website, please email or call us with a description of the problem so that we may serve you better. The address of the page where the problem occurred, and any error messages would be very helpful.  Send email or call 866-460-7873.



If you have trouble placing an order on our website using Internet Explorer for Windows, you may need to change the security and privacy settings in your web browser. To do so, follow the instuctions below.

  • Open up the Internet Options window in IE. Do this by going to the "Tools" menu and clicking on "Internet Options"
  • Check your security settings. Click the "Security" tab at the top of the Internet Options window. For the Internet zone, select "Medium" security level.
  • Check your privacy settings. Click the "Privacy" tab at the top of the Internet Options window. Select the "Medium" privacy setting.



If you are unable to place an order after changing your settings as defined above, please contact us to report the problem and so that we may assist you with your order.  Clean Surroundings would appreciate having you as a customer and will try to make your purchasing experience a pleasant one. Send email or call 866-460-7873.

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