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intraMAX, 2 oz. Travel Size, by Drucker Labs

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Fresh intraMAX in 2 oz. travel sized bottles is now in stock and ready for shipment.

Order seven bottles, or smaller quantity with any large bottle of intraMIN, intraKID, or intraMAX and receive free Priority shipping. Express Shipping is available, but please call us at 866-460-7873 to make sure we can get it out the same day!

Please note that travel sized bottles have a shorter shelf life than the 32 oz. bottles. Due to shorter shelf life and less frequent bottling cycles, the shelf life of our travel bottle inventory varies more than with the larger bottles. We order in small quantities to ensure quick rotation and freshest possible product.

Free USPS Priority Shipping to destinations in the USA and its Territories with $50.00 minimum purchase.

Orders received in the morning or early afternoon are usually shipped the same day.

To ensure quality, purchase thisproduct only from a "Drucker Labs Authorized Reseller". Products sold at a discount or "gray market" are not authorised. Many gray market resellers are scratching the expriation date/lot number from the bottom edge of the bottle to avoid detection. Each bottle is marked with a special code for identification purposes. If this code is removed, you should suspect gray market activity and possible expired product. Clean Surroundings sells only authorised product with a good expiration date that you can see. This ensures that you have plenty of time to use the product before it expires. To ensure quality, look for a code at the bottom of the bottle that looks similar to:


Also available as:


What is intraMAX®?

intraMAX® is a 100% Carbon-bond Organic (living, carbon-based) Microcomplexed™ liquid trace mineral supplement, plus an all-in-one multi-nutritional dietary supplement and much more.  It contains 70+ organic trace minerals, along with critical health promoting and life sustaining "super-foods & phyto-nutrients." intraMAX® totals more than 415, 100% Carbon-bond Organic Microcomplexed™ essential nutrients in each ounce.  "intraMAX® is the most scientifically advanced, clinically tested and proven, health promoting organic nutritional supplement available!"


  • replaces all other supplements
  • provides Optimum Daily Allowance of all essential nutrients
  • maximizes energy, strength, stamina, and vitality
  • helps fight off colds, flu, allergies, and disease
  • boosts imune system and autoimmune recovery
  • removes heavy metals and harmful toxins (via phase I & II detoxification)
  • reduces "free-radical" damage for anti-aging
  • promotes healthy blood and bones
  • natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, and anti-fungal
  • improves concentration, memory span, and other brain clarity functions
  • reduces pain,inflammation and balances the body 

How do I take intraMAX®?

  • Shake well before use.
  • Best taken on an empty stomach, do not dilute with juices, foods, or water.
  • Refrigerate after opening.
  • Do not take pharmaceuticals or any other nutraceuticals within 2 hours prior or 2 hours after taking dose.
  • After your dose follow with 8 oz. to 10 oz. non-chlorinated filtered water; never tap water.
  • For best results hold product under your tongue for 60 seconds then swallow.
  • Please take 1 day a week off (e.g., Sundays) to allow your body to rest.



Adults: Take 1/2 ounce in the morning, and 1/2 ounce in the afternoon or as directed by your doctor or health care professional.

Children: Take half the adult dose or as directed by your doctor or health care professional.


Complete Protocol Information for intraMAX® intraMAX® FAQ


intraMAX®, intraMIN™, and intraKID® Do not Contain: antibiotics (drugs), artificial additives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, binders, caffeine, chemicals, cholesterol, coatings, colloids, corn, crustracean shellfish, dairy, egg, excipients, fat, fillers, fish or fish oil, flow agents, gluten, herbicides, nuts, peanuts, pesticides, preservatives, salicylates, soy, synthetics, soy, starch, treenuts, wheat, or yeast.



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