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Austin Air

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Air Purifiers by Austin Air are available at Clean Surroundings with Free Shipping

Breathe Freely - Austin Air Purifiers Clean the Air in Your Room
by Trapping Allergens and Removing Chemicals

Austin Air Purifiers are available in Midnight Blue at Clean Surroundings


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The National Sleep Foundation Bedroom Machine by Austin Air

Now available at Clean Surroundings

Developed for John Hopkins University Medical School for ongoing studies
where this new filtering system must capture gasses and particles at the nano size level.


Austin Air Purifiers are available in Black, Silver, Sandstone, Midnight Blue and White at Clean Surroundings. Baby's Breath Purifiers are available in Pink and BlueIf you're concerned about allergies from pollen, mold or dust mites, have chemical sensitivities, or just want cleaner air, Clean Surroundings has a solution. Austin Air manufactures air purifiers that truly clean the air.

They feature up to 60 sq. ft. of HEPA filter media, up to 15 lbs. of granulated carbon and zeolite, steel powder-coat painted housings, and efficient motors.

All models come with an Austin Air Five Year Warranty and 30-Day money back guarantee. Clean Surroundings offers free ground shipping anywhere in the Continental USA. Call 866-460-7873 for more information.

Austin Air GuaranteeWhen considering competing brands, add the cost of replacement filters over a five-year period, then compare that cost to an Austin Air purifier with a 5-year replacement interval.

This is made possible through the use of two pre-filters and as much as 60 sq. ft. of true HEPA filter media. Compare, then get an Austin Air Purifier.

Removing pollen and mold from the air is only half of the solution for truly clean air. Household chemicals from building materials, cleaners, etc. must also be reduced for effective relief from the symptoms of asthma, allergies, and chemical sensitivity. Clean Surroundings offers professional grade air purifier options by Austin Air with true HEPA filters to remove the pollen and mold, and specially formulated carbon to remove chemicals. A simple, efficient design - guaranteed to make your space cleaner and healthier.



Austin Air manufactures a quality air purifier with quality parts, and only in the USA. These units are constructed of sturdy, powder-coat painted steel cabinets,and last a long time with minimum attention. They have no fancy gadgets that add unnecessary cost to the unit; just a quality cabinet, a really good HEPA filter, and carbon to reduce the level of chemicals. As compared to other brands, the pre-filters enable the extended filter replacement interval. The design has been proven to purify the air and it does a really great job.

Austin Air Clean Air Pocket

When you're having trouble breathing, you can't wait even fifteen minutes for the room to clear. The Austin Air Clean Air Pocket is designed to deliver clean air to the breathing zone in fifteen seconds flat, unlike any other technology on the market. So you can breathe a sigh of relief immediately. Remove environmental pollutants with an Austin Air purifier today! Available in sandstone, black, whilte, silver, and midnight blue. The Baby's Breath is available in blue and pink.

Austin Air Purifiers are available at Clean Surroundings


How the Austin Air Purifier Works

Austin Air Replacement Filters: After about five years of use, should it become necessary to replace the filter cartridge in your Austin Air Purifier, Clean Surroundings can provide you with a replacement.


Austin Air - Better Value and Quality Construction
Austin Air Five Year Warranty and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Which Austin Air Purifier Is For Me?
Frequently Asked Questions

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The filter in an Austin Air Healhtmate PLUS is designed to last for 5-years. This is made possible through the use of two pre-filters.

Stage 1: The large particle pre-filter removes dust, hair and pet dander.

Stage 2: The medium particle pre-filter removes mold, spores, and pollen.

Stage 3: The specially blended carbon reduces the level of thousands of gasses, odors, and chemicals. The Healthmate PLUS is specially optimized with the addition of pottasium iodide to for enhanced chemical reduction and is designed for people that are chemically sensitive.

Stage 4: The true medical grade HEPA filter removes bacteria and viruses.


Which Austin Air Purifier is for me?

Clean Surroundings recommends the Austin Air Healthmate HM-400 as the best buy for general purpose air purification.

Questions, call 866-460-7873.

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