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Austin Air Replacement Filters


Replacement Filters come with a pre-filter and

qualify for Free UPS Ground Shipping.


Replacement filters are listed at the bottom of this page. Clean Surroundings offers replacement filters and pre-filters for every Austin Air purifier ever made. Please read the following information to ensure selection of the correct filter.

Austin Air purifiers may be identified by looking at a nameplate next to the switch and an identification label on the bottom of the machine which may display one or more of the the following: the name of the machine, the model number, the serial number, the date of manufacture.

Air purifiers manufactured prior to August 1995 require an Austin Air Allergy Machine replacement filter model FR405.This is the only replacement filter that will fit the early air purifiers.


Color choices: A - Black and B - White inicate the color of the pre-filter. A new pre-filter comes with each replacement filter. Pre-filters may also be purchased separately if desired.

Select: A - Black if your air purifier color is Black, Silver, or Midnight Blue.

Select: B - White if your air purifier is White, Sandstone, Blue (Baby's Breath), or Pink (Baby's Breath).


If your Austin Air purifiers measure 23" High x 14.5" Wide and is a:

Healthmate B400, formerly HM400, order replacement filter FR400.

Healthmate PLUS B450, formerly HM450, order replacement filter FR450.

Allergy Machine B405, formerly HM405, order replacement filter FR405.

Pet Machine B410, order replacement filter FR410.

National Sleep Foundation Bedroom Machine B402, order replacement filter FR402.

All ofthe above use standard sized pre-filters.


If your Austin Air purifier measures 16.5" High (without wheels) x 11" Wide and is a:

Healthmate Jr. A200, formerly HM200, order replacement filter FR200.

Healthmate PLUS Jr. A250, formerly HM250, order replacement filter FR250.

Allergy Machine Jr. or Baby's Breath A205, formerly HM205, order replacement filter FR205.

All of the above use Jr. sized pre-filters.

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