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Austin Air - Better Value and Quality Construction


Longer Filter Life and Better Value


Austin Air purifiers offer better value and quality construction because they are built better to last longer. Powder-coated steel housings, energy efficient PSC motors, two pre-filters, 15 lbs. of specially formulated carbon, and 60 sq. ft. of true HEPA filter media. All models are Guaranteed for Five Years to give unsurpassed performance and long life. Austin Air, America's favorite and rated #1 in the world today. (Note: Jr. models have 7 lbs. of carbon and 30 sq. ft. of HEPA filter media)

Quality Construction


Austin Air purifiers feature pre-filters, specially formulated carbon, and a HEPA filter to clean the air, far surpassing the efficiency of conventional air filtration equipment and making a difference that you can feel.  All Austin Air purifiers will remove 99.97% of particulates as small as .3 microns and 95% of particulates as small as .1 micron.  Typical mold and pollen is much too large to pass through an Austin Air purifier.  The special carbon is designed to absorb over 3000 different chemicals.


Filter replacement after 5-years of use is easy. Simply turn the unit over onto a soft surface, remove four screws, remove the bottom plate, replace the pre-filter and filter cartridge, replace screws, DONE.

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Austin Air, Better Value and Quality Construction


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