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About Us

Welcome to Clean Surroundings and thanks for dropping by. We are an online retailer for professional grade products by Austin Air and Drucker Labs. We also offer a selection of water filters and books related to environmental and alternative health care.

Customers in the USA, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Philippines, and Thailand, may order products on-line right here through this secure, SSL encrypted website; or by calling our toll free number. We will gladly ship to other countries if requested by email, please specify what you would like to order in the email so that we can calculate shipping charges and bill you with a request for money via PayPal. We make every attempt to ship on the same day or next business day. Payments may be made with PayPal and major credit cards.

After a personal experience with exposures to pesticides and toxic mold prior to 2001 caused symptoms of allergies, asthma, and chemical sensitivity, it became necessary to have clean air and water, and to have good nutrition. A career change became obvious for medical reasons, and a decision was made to start and to offer professional grade air purifiers and water filters manufactured by companies with a reputation for great customer service and warranty policies. Clean Surroundings went live on the internet in August of 2006.

After trying a bargain-priced, "high perfomance" air filter, we replaced it with an Austin Air Healthmate in 2001. We wasted $180.00 on the bargain filter, but learned that really clean air required more than an air "purifier" with a HEPA filter. We learned that pre-filters, a large HEPA filter, and pounds of quality carbon were needed to effectively reduce the level of particulates and chemicals in the air. Austin Air Purifiers meet those requirements. Our first Austin Air Healthmate is still performing like new, and, except for when we've been on vacation, has been runnning in our master bedroom 24/7 since 2001 with only one filter replacement in 2006. We chose Austin Air for our first product line after we understood the importance of really clean air with four years personal experience using an Austin Air Healthmate. Austin Air purifiers do an excellent job of reducing the level of particulates and chemicals in the air (see How an Austin Air Healthmate Works) and come with a 5-Year Warranty to back it up. To see the complete Austin Air product line, go to our Austin Air Purifiers page. Because Austin Air purifiers contain pounds of high quality carbon, they are capable of reducing the level of chemicals in living space. The pre-filters and HEPA filter remove the mold, pollen, and other particulates. Removing particulates and reducing the level of chemicals in the air provide a much more efficient solution to allergy and asthma symptoms than removal of particulates alone. Read about the Austin Air Five Year Warranty and 30-Day money back guarantee.

Because practically all tap water is contaminated these days, a quality water filter became necessary. We carry reverse osmosis and carbon water filters by Watts Water Quality and Conditioning Products. Carcinogenic compounds are formed as chlorine and chloramines react with organic and inorganic compounds in the water supply. See http://www.epa.gov/dclead/disinfection.htm for more about how chlorine causes these problems, then remove the chemicals with a really good water filter from our water filters page.

After about four years taking many nutritional supplements, the expense was getting to be a real hardship, not just in price, but also in the time required to sort it all out every four days and keep everything on hand. In 2006, we found out about intraMAX by Drucker Labs and have been taking it ever since. It replaced all of the other supplements, was easy to take, and we didn't have to contend with sorting through many bottles of supplements so often. We carry the complete Drucker Labs product line: intraMAX Peach Mango Flavor in 32 oz. bottles, intraMAX in 2 oz. travel size bottles, intraKID Raspberry Flavor in 32 oz. bottles (for kids 2 - 12), intraKID in 2 oz. travel bottles, intraMIN Unflavored in 32 oz. bottles, intraMIN Unflavored in 2 oz. travel Bottles, intraMIN Tropical Fruit Punch Flavor in 32 oz. bottles, and intraMIN Tropical Fruit Punch Flavor in 2 oz. Travel Bottles. The particle size of the ingredients in intraMAX, intraKID, and intraMIN is extremely small, resulting in quick and complete absorption, even for people with gastrointestinal problems resulting from surgery or other health issues. Also great for people with food allergies, chemical sensitivity, depression, ADD, ADHD, chronic fatigue, Lyme's Disease, or if you just need something to pick you up after short night of sleep.

For answers to questions about our company or the products that we offer you may contact us at service@cleansurroundings.com or toll free by phone, 866-460-7873.

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